“Sarah Powell’s rendition of ‘Somewhere’ stands out as a singular spellbinding moment of vocal beauty and authenticity.”

– Herb Paine (Broadway World Phoenix)

“Sarah is a very talented and gifted performer and I am very proud of her.  Rarely does one find such a good singer and dancer combined.”

– Mike Skiles (Producer of Texas Family Musicals)


“Sarah Powell makes Wendy the rightly prim and proper English girl in her stern maternal dealings with Peter and the other boys but also adds a nice touch of sweet romanticism in portraying her school girl crush on Peter. Sure, we know Powell and Errigo aren’t really youngsters, but they both do a remarkable job of making us believe that they are.”

– Gil Benbrook (Talkin’ Broadway)

“Sarah Powell provided a fully fleshed-out performance as Wendy Darling. While the character remained sweet, kind, and loving, Powell brought to light a bit more of an eagerness to please, impetuousness, and bossiness that the character doesn’t exhibit in every adaptation. Powell strongly portrayed both sides of her eagerness to grow up. On the one hand, she is obviously a very nice girl with maternal instincts, but at the same time, she is not quite ready to be a mother to one, let alone a group of boys.”

– Jeff Moses (Modern Times Magazine)

dsc_9315-edit“Sarah Powell has the authentic spirit of a sixteen year old in both looks and sound as the oldest daughter, Liesl, who needs to hold back on growing up too soon.”  

– David Appleford (KEZ999)

“Sarah Powell is the Captain’s oldest daughter, Liesl and shares the nice duet of “Sixteen Going on Seventeen” which includes a fairly elaborate dance routine that is nicely executed.”

– Glen Benbrook (Writer for Talkin’ Broadway, Dec 2013)